ACS provide cleaning, maintenance, protection and restoration services for commercial clients throughout the UK. Our services are split into four core areas with each area providing relevant specialist services.


Our specialist cleaning services range from an expanse of glass, cladding, masonry or a mixture of all three. We undertake industrial cleaning services for heavy industry and complete machinery cleaning on a frequent basis. We offer commercial cleaning and regularly provide builders cleaning and sparkle cleaning services.


Our specialist maintenance services include a property maintenance service and a graffiti removal service. We provide landscaping remediation services, bringing overgrown vegetation under control.


We undertake a site protection service for our commercial clients, protecting valuable site finishes from accidental damage that is potentially caused during the construction process. We protect all internal finishes and regularly provide specialist spray on glass protection and we provide a specialist mastic sealant service for both internal and external applications.


We can remove almost any damage from glass, saving our clients the expense and disruption of replacement glazing. We restore stone and block work by either repainting or providing our specialist soda blasting service and we regularly carry out specialist paint restoration services to repair accidental damage.

We pride ourselves on completing all our services to the highest standards.


  • Builders Clean Up Service

    At ACS we offer a full site protection and builders clean up service. We have extensive knowledge of the construction industry
  • Cladding & Masonry Cleaning

    ACS offers a full cladding cleaning service. Our cladding cleaning experts use the latest technology including water fed long reach
  • Industrial Cleaning

    Here at ACS we carry out industrial cleaning on all types of machinery and equipment for a wide range of industrial businesses
  • Office Cleaning

    ACS provide office cleaning to clients in Swansea, Cardiff and South Wales. Our office cleaning service can be scheduled on
  • Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning

    At ACS we offer a full pressure washing and steam cleaning service. Our expert staff utilise the latest technology to deliver
  • Window Cleaning

    ACS provides a full window cleaning service. Our window cleaning experts utilise the latest technology including water fed long reach


  • Property Maintenance

    ACS staff are fully qualified to provide a range of vital property maintenance services. We use the vast experience of


  • Temporary Site Protection

    ACS supply and install temporary site protection to internal and external finishes throughout the UK to protect materials and finishes on


  • Facade Blasting

    ACS provide a specialist facade blasting service. Using high or low pressure blasting systems we are able to restore your
  • Glass Scratch Removal

    ACS are experts in glass scratch removal. Our site technicians can remove almost any type of damage to glass surfaces
  • Masonry Painting

    ACS provides a specialist masonry painting service. For more information on our masonry painting service, please contact a member of
  • Specialist Paint Spraying

    ACS provides a paint repair and coating service specialising in refinishing and repair works for the construction industry and our