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Who are ACS?
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Our Process

At ACS, we know every customer is different and we take this in to consideration throughout the consultation process. Every quote we return we endeavour to meet the individual client’s needs and expectations, be it the contractor working on multiple contracts or the end client who has contacted us directly. Our estimating team have over a hundred years of combined experience. They have experience quoting a full range of projects from residential to private sector to commercial and understand the need to manage costs and meet ever changing performance standards within the construction industry.
Survey site and estimate work required. We pride ourselves on honesty and if the job can be done in a more efficient way we will let you know. We’ll also let you know if the project requires anything else.
Using the information provided by the estimator we’ll provide you with a competitive quotation. Our sales advisor will help explain the quote and provide any additional information required. They will provide all the relevant information for you to secure your order.
Our H&S department will produce site specific RAMS. Ensuring that both yourselves and ourselves are keeping our workforces safe.
Programme of Works
We’ll produce a program of works that will ensure the project is completed in a timely and efficient manner. We will work with all trades/contractors to make sure we are all on target.
Our team and PM will attend site and complete the project. We’ll make sure our client is happy and have all works signed off before leaving site.
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Our work

ACS were commissioned over multiple phases, for both the Doff Super heated steam cleaning and Torc soft media blast systems, we were asked to get involved on one of the most specialists projects we have undertaken to date, we were required to steam clean and remove years of contamination from pigeon guano for the main contractor to be able to commission the area for construction development.
Sensitive cleaning works in a heavy pedestrian area in Cardiff crown court
After this contract had finished we were awarded a second and third phase on the project, and invited to attend the award where the mayor of Swansea paid special tribute to ACS for a job well done.
ACS were commissioned to remove a large quality on unwanted art work from the facade of a grade 1 psted building, retained in the facade of the building is part of the original Bristol city castle dating back to the 14th century, the council asked us to soft media blast this to expose its natural features which are now on display and we have administered a protective anti-graffiti coating, to prevent unwanted future tag artists making their mark.
ACS were commissioned once more on the project, to undertake the paint removal from the internal walls, the walls pictured below form part of the living quarters in some very high rise apartments costing upward of a million pounds, taking this project on was not easy as explained below.
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